Thursday, September 16, 2010


What I don’t get is why the majority of people seem to love the rain. To quote Tony: It’s just another type of weather!

I feel the magical qualities attributed to rain is over- exemplified. We believe it to be the miracle of God, spiritually and literally cleansing. We are more than happy to believe that a bit of water can untarnish our souls and undo the wrongs we’ve committed. I think this magic is only a myth.

I would never say rain is not beautiful, I appreciate the beauty of nature just as much as the next person. What I want to say is that it’s not magic.

More often than not, rain is depressing and gloomy, and forces an otherwise sunny day to become one filled with dark clouds and humidity. To the highlighting of the profoundness of nature, I can agree. In nature, at least, rain is uplifting. In normal, everyday, suburban/ city life, rain is nothing more than a hindrance, an inconvenience, sometimes a break from the monotony of sunny days, because those are so drab and boring of course. (I guess you can argue that without rain, you’d never be able to appreciate sunny days, but I think sunny days can always be appreciated for their sunniness).

In media in general, rain is used to set the scene for a dark, gloomy day (and romance too.. but as Mumm-Ra said in "she's got you high," "We've lost romance..."). Rain, in excess, can be the harbinger of destruction, such as this unfortunate place, just a little country called Guatemala, where only a few thousand people died because of the sinkhole caused:

Although Tony alluded to the Great Flood as a source of good rain, God brought rain upon the sinners to destroy them, not cleanse them. They were killed, not reborn.

So, I’d say, rain is beautiful, by far the most common weather-type miracle in the world, but it is nowhere near magical or spiritually cleansing.

PS- This sounds more like a MUN response to someone else's post.. sorry 'bout that :P

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