Friday, July 16, 2010

I started this blog with a post about new beginnings. I feel like I should add something about endings now too, considering the closure I always need to move on with my life. For example, I've been taking a summer course at Columbia for the past three weeks, and today was the last day, but it ended so suddenly that it really didn't feel like it ended, which caused me to fall into a slump.

Maybe it's the Bollywood in me that always thinks beginnings and endings should happen at bus stops, train stations, and airports. Some people find these places poetic and mark something special. I personally feel they are only to be dreaded; they're only markers of change, small and/or big, neither of which I'm very comfortable with.

So yeah. I just had that to say? I'm surprised. Maybe I just needed to b*tch about it to get some closure, who knows?

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